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But first, let me take a #selfie

You might have a selfie addiction if:

1) Your solo pics outnumber the pics of all your friends, family, and the rest of the natural world...combined. 
2) You can snap a self portrait in a single shot but you need twelve tries to take a picture of a person or object in front of you. 
3) You've crafted such an exquisite collection of online self-images that people don't recognize you when you meet again in person. 
4) You choose your clothes or jewelry based on how they'll make your cleavage look in your pictures that night. 
5) You've run out of reasons to take "legitimate" selfies (I.e. Just chopped off three inches of hair, just got a massive sunburn, just wanted a creeper pic with the celebrity you're stalking), and you've resorted to posting each selfie with a favorite song lyric or motivational quote just to give the illusion of purpose. 

Now, about this #Selfie song. Any chance it will help these addicts take a more realistic look in the mirror? Will they see it as satirizing or glamorizing their Saturday nights? Will it annoy them enough that they'll decide to go get help?  

And the next logical question, can anyone recommend a reliable rehab center for selfie sufferers???

Let me take another selfie: Take 2

On a more serious note, it looks like some professional organizations are starting to discuss this self-documenting lifestyle. National Geographic recently reported that 73 million selfies have been posted on Instagram since 2011. And numerous other reports are investigating the long term results of these heightened habits of narcissism.