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Creating Yourself?

Today I asked my students to reflect on the following quote. The response was more divided than I'd predicted it would be. So now I'm curious as to how other people see it! Anyone willing to share your thoughts?
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~George Bernard Shaw

Beyond Human Capacity

I shared these thoughts with our FCA students this week. I hope it inspires them, and I hope I can live up to my own ideals. I believe we are called to demonstrate a Love that is greater than our own human nature can supply.

One of my favorite quotes about being a Christian:
“As a Christian, the greatest influence you can have on those around you is…just not be a jerk.” (Sean Lumsden, Living Hope Church ☺)
*But then again, any non-Christian can also “not be a jerk.” So what would make me different?

God’s love v. man’s love
*Unless I pursue God and truly understand his love, I can only love out of my own human capacity. Since humans fail, my love will also inevitably fail. Sadly, sometimes my love will…be impatient, envious, proud, snippy, selfish, feel like giving up on someone, lose hope.
*What does 1 Cor 13:1-7 say about God’s love in the face of those failures?
If I speak in the tongue of men and of a…