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When I was there, that's who I wasbut I moved on and climbed above. Or so I thought 'til your return-- Took hold, refused to let me run. It's not your place to choose, decide, To call me by your Name, not Mine-- To make me feel two inches tall is all You did when I was small-- Now with you here, grows only fear Of How can I continue where I'm strong and free and on my own When you refuse to let me go?

Yet Unaware

If they knew how this heart bled with theirs,
Would they see our pain's the same?
If they saw the sweat and heard the tears, Would they see I'm torn down too?
Or would these...weaknesses...confirm I am as flawed as they've assumed?


I know how to seek for knowledge.
I've found how to search for strength. I've learned how to ask forgiveness. But how do I start to forget?