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Out of Context? Or Out of Line?

Despite some very insightful discussions with my seniors and a rather productive choreography session with my dance team officers, my day also produced some very unusual and alarming statements. How did this happen to me all in one day?
1. A text message with choreography notes from one of my officers: "The first part of the song is at 0:36 but that has making love to something innocent so we'll have to edit." 2. After apparently observing my facial expressions for several days, an officer said, "You always stick your tongue out when you get excited. You do it when you're teaching too." Her re-enactments followed. Seriously??? 3. After teasing about my tongue/facial expressions and how I sometimes say :P when texting, that same student joked, "Mrs. Hein, why do you keep licking me?" 4. When trying to recall a new dance move, one of my choreographers asked, "We stepped on the waitress, right?" 5. A joke told by a senior at the start of clas…

Taking one for the team!

I've already admitted my own impatience but there is a time and a place, people! On my way back from Bellevue this weekend, signs started directing cars to prepare for the upcoming construction by merging into a single lane. About a mile after people started merging, I became frustrated that the second lane was still open and people were still zipping past those who were respecting the merge. After at least 2 dozen cheaters blazed by, my co-pilot gave me a brilliant suggestion: we could take one for the team.

So taking advantage of my new dominance as a BadAss SUV driver, I pulled my bright red Equinox in front of the cheaters and slowed back down to 10 mph. The Honda next to me nodded and kept a space open for my return as I drove the next mile in front of all the would-be speeders! I laughed aloud as one by one the speedsters zipped up to me then resigned themselves back to the slow lane. Only once did a selfish little sports car have the nerve to pass me on the shoulder; everyon…