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Questions from a beginning blogger

Let me start by saying (and since this is my blog, I guess you can’t stop me…) that I did not, and sort of still don’t, plan to actually consider myself a blogger.I really only signed up for an account so I could comment on friends’ blogs.But then Megan suggested I post something, and I thought this was fitting.Questions from a beginning blogger1)Who ever decided that every goober with a keypad (Me included, I suppose.) should be able to share their thoughts with a blog?2)Why are people so fascinated with reading other peoples’ thoughts on myspace/facebook/blogs despite the fact that they rarely, if ever, actually COMMENT on them?What good is it to know what your friends are thinking if you never do anything with it, folks? Communication should go both ways!3)And most importantly: Why do bloggers think it’s OK to stretch a quick little anecdote into a 12-page autobiography?Is there some minimum word count that I’m yet unaware of?Am I going to be marked down if this post is too short?…