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"I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way..."

Well, maybe I don't really want to stay that way, but when Jewel sings those words, I think maybe it's OK to be so sensitive. Sometimes it can wear me down, and sometimes I wonder why I can't just brush things off like others do, but sometimes I think that I should be grateful for being wired this way.

I should be grateful because being sensitive allows me to see so much! I see hidden talents, and sometimes hidden hurts, that others can't see in themselves. I see potential in progress, and moments of perfection in otherwise imperfect performances. I see beauty in places that others find mundane. I see blessings in challenges. I see happiness in tears. I see strength in scars. I see art in all things.
Then why do I sometimes dream of changing? People with these sensitivities tend to hide their true feelings, and that means we tend to feel alone in our vulnerability. But I know there are others out there, and I hope that maybe one or more of them will read this and be encouraged. …

Jewel - "I'm Sensitive"