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Mode: Repeat

I've been informed that most "normal" people don't listen to the same song on repeat for days BUT since I'm clearly "normal" in every other way, I'll admit this unusual little quirk. My musical obsessions usually take one of two forms: "some'in' you can dance to" (Missy quote, case in point) or emotional undertow. Since the former provides less fodder for discussion (and makes me sound less smart), I'll request suggestions for the latter.

My emotive repeats usually have a billowing melody line and gentle but pulling rhythm, highly connotative lyrics, and vivid images. (And no, that's not due to my degrees. I'm pretty sure these preferences caused my interest in teaching music/English.) Their content varies though. Some are encouraging, others are melancholy, and several are quite spiritual. They don't necessarily have to parallel my current situations; they just have to pull me in.
Some of my recent repeats: Wrap…