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Easter brings change...But change can bring good.

"The whole earth trembled and the veil was torn:
Love so amazing, Love so amazing!"
~Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin

These lyrics would not leave my mind today. As long as they were sticking around, I thought perhaps I should try to understand them a bit better!

My analysis:
1) While the earth was trembling the people nearby were surely unaware of the resurrection causing it, and they were probably afraid. After several recent geological events ranging from earth-shattering to simple rumblings, I have seen that fear is the first response no matter how big or small the tremors. And I imagine that people did not respond to the Easter trembling by curiously proclaiming, "This is a fun feeling! Something happy must be happening here!"
2)When the veil was torn, again I imagine that the people were afraid, and although it symbolically represented a new covenant or relationship, it literally destroyed a religious veil that was previously valuable both monetarily and culturally.
3) The love that drove Jesus to the grave (for us) is the same Love that gave Him power to defeat death and rise again (for us). So full of grace. So incomprehensible.

My synthesis:
As our world is trembling and being torn apart, we should remember that His love is still here although presently unseen. And with His Love, He wants to revive us.