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Spokane summer!

This new job of mine has taken me all around the Spokane area, and on a daily basis I find myself looking out the window thinking, "that looks like an awesome place to visit later." Well, summer is almost here, and that means I will soon have time to explore all these amazing places I have been wondering about!

So please take a look at this list and let me know which one(s) you'll join me on!  
Please also let me know if there is an awesome place I should add to this list! 

My goals for this list of activities:
1) To enjoy more of what this Spokane region has to offer!
2) To spend time with friends--or maybe even in solitude--while being active and proactive!
3) To spend a maximum of $0-10 on each experience. Of course, some outdoor adventures will be relatively FREE! Some days will be longer and possibly include multiple activities, so I anticipate that the cost per day will vary. 

Locations I'd like to visit:
9 Mile Falls (hiking/picnicking, etc.),
Indian Painted Rocks (hiking/picnicking, etc.),
Dishman Hills natural area (hiking/picnicking, etc.),
Turnbull wildlife refuge (hiking/picnicking, etc.),
A day on the Centennial Trail/river/Minnehaha, 
East Valley/Wellesley park (probably sportsing),
A day of gathering at Greenbluff, 
Cat Tails, 
South Hill dog park,
New dog park in the valley,
A day on South Perry St. (Coffee, yoga, shopping, dinner, maybe even climbing the monster stairs), 
A day on Monroe Street (coffee, shopping, dinner, etc.)
A day on Garland (maybe during the August Street Fair?),
An evening at the Kendall Yards Night Market,
Antiquing in Hilliard, 
Brownes Addition concert series,
A writer's session at Auntie's Bookstore,
An evening on the terrace at the Grand Hotel,
Music in the Barrister Winery courtyard,
Arborcrest Sunday or Thursday concert, 
First Friday in downtown Spokane. 

Ideas I'd like to try, not tied to any specific location:
dance workshop, 
percussion workshop, 
an evening at an outdoor movie, 
open mic/slam poetry, 
sunrise yoga, 
kamikaze tennis,  
farmers markets, 
other outdoor concerts! 

Maybe a great big to-do list seems opposite of a vacation but since I have missed out on these ideas all year long, I really just want to make up for it when I can! So call/text/PM me and let's start planning our next adventure!!!