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They will remember...

"People might not remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

Today, I'm just dwelling on this thought.  Dwelling on the thought that our words and even our actions can be so futile sometimes.  On the thought that we leave an emotional imprint on the people in our lives--and for better or worse, that emotional imprint is not likely to be changed by any subsequent words or actions.  On the thought that they leave those imprints on us too--and for better or worse, our  emotions might not be easily changed by their words or actions either.

As a teacher and coach, this is reminds me to carefully cultivate my classroom's atmosphere: How can I help my students to feel safe, seen, and valued? How can I help them to find feelings of inspiration, confidence, and motivation?

As a friend, sister, wife, and daughter, this reminds me to sincerely consider the way that my emotions impact my relationships: Have I filled their lives with feelings of love and joy and peace, or just with kind words and deeds intended to fill the void of meaningful, lasting feelings?

As a person easily influenced by my own emotions, this reminds me to step outside of my feelings to find a clearer view of my surroundings: Why is it that people's negative words leave such a strong imprint on me while their positive words so often fade away? And how can I convince my heart to take hold of what my head knows to be true even when my emotions are telling me otherwise?

I have no answers today.  Not even theories or suspicions of answers. I'm just wandering through these ideas, hoping that along the way I'll find something to help my heart understand what my head still can't quite comprehend.