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At least it's a good problem...

The problem is...that I love many things in life.  And most of the things I love require time, practice, dedication, and commitment in order to improve or to benefit others.  So it doesn't feel like I have enough time to do them all as well as I'd like.  At least, not all at the same time.  I find myself focusing on 2 or 3--OK, I find myself sacrificing sleep, exercise, and family time so that I can focus on 4 or 5 at a time--but it still seems like there's never enough time to be truly accomplished in anything I'm attempting.

This little blog is a great example:  I never intended to blog weekly but it's been 7 months since I "published" anything and that is MUCH longer than I'd expected to wait!  Truth be told, I drafted two pieces this spring but never published them because I just didn't have time to refine them. And, of course, I want them to be acceptable to the two or three people who are likely to see them!

So I decided to share my wish list, my list of long-neglected favorites.  One day in my future, I hope to find a life that allows me to explore all of these!  Perhaps if I can combine enough of them into a single career, then I will have time for enjoying the rest as recreation. (Ah, recreation.  It sounds like a lovely idea.)

If there were only more hours in a day, I'd find more time for: 
-dancing--simply because I love it
-choreographing--because it's the most practical way to teach others to love dance too
-teaching--especially teaching future teachers.  Teaching other teachers is the best way to improve my practice too!
-designing lessons--such an exciting way to blend creativity and intellect!
-exercising--I know, it sounds sort of crazy.  But it's invigorating to me!
-philosophizing--about all parts of life, love, and learning. 
-laughing--the kind of laughing that makes your face hurt!
-quoting TV shows--I'm horrible at movie quotes, but I think that's because I'm horrible at watching movies!
-analyzing comedic techniques in my TV shows--maybe it defeats the purpose of watching TV but I enjoy it.  
-reading poetry--I love that you can spend 5 minutes just appreciating it, or 5 hours diving into its depths.
-listening to music--and sometimes singing along
-decorating my house--and sometimes cleaning it! I just feel better when it looks better.
-art--any type of art, anything that shows passion and skill, and anything that provokes thought.
-studying--especially about education, philosophy, literature, and art!
-infusing--everything in life is better when combined with other parts of life: literature, arts, sciences, exercises, everything.
-traveling--Nothing helps me understand my culture or appreciate this great big world as well as traveling does!
-experimenting--but not with actual science--with life applications like food, or clothes, or furniture arrangements!
-searching--probably the nerdy part of me again, but there is so much to learn! Who knows what I'll learn today!
-planning--events, parties, even weekly schedules. There's just something fulfilling about making things happen.
-sleeping--I'm apparently terrible at it since that's what I laid back to do right now, but I enjoy the idea. I miss sleep.
-stretching--not just for dance rehearsal. I can't get through a night of grading without a proper stretch break...or three.
-chocolate--Yes, it's cliché but especially since I feel so limited by gluten these days, I gravitate toward my GF chocolate!
-GF websites--I can't imagine how people ate gluten-free without them.  I owe you all a big THANKS!
-irony--in all forms.  Life and literature are all about contrast, and irony helps me appreciate both so much more.
-connecting with nature--It's the only thing that seems to pull me away from my focus on school and stress.
-relaxing with my kittens--There! I said it.  I can't believe I have cats now, but they are my next-best stress-reducer. 
-motivational quotes--One day maybe I'll say something quote-worthy; until then, I'll gain inspiration from the pros.
-my "The iPhone 4"--iPod, calendar, e-mail, camera, roadmap, weather app! How did I survive without these at my fingertips? 
-journaling--I have never been really comfortable sharing my devotionals with others so this is as close as I usually get.
-reading professional literature--I read plenty of classroom paragraphs and papers, but not nearly enough published material. It's sort of sad to think about the imbalance of my reading repertoire during the school year. 
-And of course, writing, or at least blogging--Again, it's ironic that my efforts to teach reading and writing are what seem to keep me from reading and writing for myself.  One day maybe I'll get to read AND write just for fun!

Maybe everyone has a list like this.  Maybe everyone dreams of a time when they can enjoy their passions more whole-heartedly.  But for now, I will mix and match as many as I can in as many ways as I can. Too many things to love? I guess it's a good problem after all.


Anonymous said…
I agree. There are never enough hours. I envy your consciousness to expanding your horizons will deepening the areas of your life that you already have. It speaks loudly about your character and personality that you want to do so many different things and using this platform as a starting point to organizing and planning what you will do. It is a wonderful thing when people can decide to fix problems in their life, instead of just complaining. You are clearly doing the first and that is amazing. Please write moooore! Everyone should be so driven.