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What I Learned from My Burglars

The day after my last blog, I came home to the tail end of a burglary. I've thought about blogging once or twice since then but the only topic I could really focus on was the irony of being robbed 24 hours after writing about being so sensitive. As I sit here on New Years day, I'm realizing that I have learned a lot from these burglars.
  • A housefull of policemen might feel like CSI, but it's not as much fun when it's real.
  • After a burglary, you become supremely aware of everyone who drives too slowly past your house.
  • Guilt is a surprising emotion.  Somehow I still feel guilty for "losing" some of my special jewelry.
  • Thieves take more than your possessions; they can also take your security and ability to sleep at night.
  • Even if you think a room wasn't entered, search it anyway. They probably entered it just long enough to find your video camera and social security card.
  • My sketching skills are not good at all! And I cannot remember how to draw all the jewelry that was stolen.
  • Take pictures of your home before anything like this happens! The after photos aren't nearly as helpful.
  • I'm grateful for the policemen who want to help despite their limited time and resources!
  • My students are NOT prime suspects, much to the surprise of several friends.
  • In fact, my students saved my spirits in the following weeks. I was moved by their generosity: flowers, balloons, cookies, small gifts, even a bat for protection!
  • Spokane pawn shops are interesting! Some are classy and professional. Others are scary and mighty suspicious.
  • After a burglary, you might realize new damages and missing items almost daily...for at least a month.
  • Looking for your stolen items at antique stores and pawn shops will eat up as many days as you let it!
  • Dealing with identity theft is quite possibly more frustrating--certainly more on-going--than the physical theft.
  • Attempting to sleep on the "safer" side of the house--on the floor behind the couch--might impact your mental acuity more than you'd expect.
  • The keychain-sized pepper spray is much too big for keychains. (But I will carry it anyway.)
  • When your husband says he'd "eventually" like to buy a gun, he might actually mean "this weekend."
  • My dislike for guns doesn't mean I can't shoot them well! I felt like a true Texan after proving my skill.
  • Home insurance is more valuable than I realized! I just hope I never need to use them again.
  • I can still earn a 4.0 on a final presentation the day after a burglary and a night of no sleep! But chances are that I won't remember anything about it when it's over.
  • I appreciate good news more lately. One week after the burglary, I learned that I am a finalist for the Rachel Royston Permanent Scholarship and it felt like I'd won the lottery.
  • Despite the evil out there, this town still has many wonderful people. I've been blessed and encouraged by many people in surprising ways since November 29. I wish I could find a way to show them how much their kindness means to me.
My mind is still pretty preoccupied with thoughts like these, but I'm a little less afraid each day. And I'm certainly learning a lot about safety, home security, and local police departments as a result. I'm also reminded each day that our memories and our loved ones are more valuable than any possessions. In a funny way, I guess I've actually gained a bit from this burglary!