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"I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way..."

Well, maybe I don't really want to stay that way, but when Jewel sings those words, I think maybe it's OK to be so sensitive. Sometimes it can wear me down, and sometimes I wonder why I can't just brush things off like others do, but sometimes I think that I should be grateful for being wired this way.

I should be grateful because being sensitive allows me to see so much!
I see hidden talents, and sometimes hidden hurts, that others can't see in themselves.
I see potential in progress, and moments of perfection in otherwise imperfect performances.
I see beauty in places that others find mundane.
I see blessings in challenges.
I see happiness in tears.
I see strength in scars.
I see art in all things.

Then why do I sometimes dream of changing?
People with these sensitivities tend to hide their true feelings, and that means we tend to feel alone in our vulnerability. But I know there are others out there, and I hope that maybe one or more of them will read this and be encouraged. Of course, many people with a thicker skin don't understand just how deep these feelings can run, so their sarcastic or one-sided remarks can sting a lot more than they intend. But I keep hoping that one day I'll spread a little compassion by sharing these ideas of mine. As a sarcastic person myself, I'm not objecting to sarcasm in all cases; I just wish that people knew when to respond with wit and when to respond with love.

Overall, I'm learning that I'm most worn down when stuck inside these feelings about myself, but when I consider all that I can see in--or do for--others...Well, I guess that makes me grateful that I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way.


Ali said…
I've always felt like a huge part of life is accepting it freely and whole-heartedly.. I believe some babies are born with bigger pain-body's than others.. I've concluded almost the whole world is a contradiction- with no "sadness" there could be no "happiness", with no "falseness" there could be no "truth", with no "right" there could be no "wrong". So therefore, perhaps those born with larger pain-body's than others are capable of more immense amounts of happiness or joy or enthusiasm or calmness or peace, just as well as more painful experiences of the mind and body. Also, these potentially more intense feelings are probably more challenging to balance, to find a safe place to be vulnerable but still find calmness. I feel the best way for people with large pain-body's to find balance is by accepting that there is nothing wrong with them for being that way... With or without extra or little sensitivity, everyone has the right to be. If they want to.

What you've written here is beautiful, and whoever violated your home and took jewelery from it hasn't taken a thing from you. I hope you always remember that.