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When I was there, that's who I was
but I moved on and climbed above.
Or so I thought 'til your return--
Took hold, refused to let me run.
It's not your place to choose, decide,
To call me by your Name, not Mine--
To make me feel two inches tall is all
You did when I was small--
Now with you here, grows only fear
Of How can I continue where
I'm strong and free and on my own
When you refuse to let me go?


Ali said…
This is really beautiful and I feel like it was worded very well and I love it! Okay, I commented on your post already! So.... Yeah.

Miranda said…
Well, so you did! Did you analyze it thoroughly for its literary devices and rhyme scheme? Haha, no worries.

Oh, I saw your happy birthday wish too. Thanks Ali. :)