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Taking one for the team!

I've already admitted my own impatience but there is a time and a place, people! On my way back from Bellevue this weekend, signs started directing cars to prepare for the upcoming construction by merging into a single lane. About a mile after people started merging, I became frustrated that the second lane was still open and people were still zipping past those who were respecting the merge. After at least 2 dozen cheaters blazed by, my co-pilot gave me a brilliant suggestion: we could take one for the team.

So taking advantage of my new dominance as a BadAss SUV driver, I pulled my bright red Equinox in front of the cheaters and slowed back down to 10 mph. The Honda next to me nodded and kept a space open for my return as I drove the next mile in front of all the would-be speeders! I laughed aloud as one by one the speedsters zipped up to me then resigned themselves back to the slow lane. Only once did a selfish little sports car have the nerve to pass me on the shoulder; everyone else was forced to suffer their own impatience with the rest of us.

The moral of my story: controlling the impatience of others is apparently entertaining enough to settle my own need for speed. Oh, and protecting the integrity of the merge makes me feel like I've somewhat compensated for polluting our environment with my new SUV.


Jimmy P said… absolutely amazing.
Tranquility said…
That's fantastic that the Honda was friendly and cooperative! ;)
Julie and Tommy said…
That is great. You could never pull that off in Orlando, bad things would have happend to you and your SUV...but I respect the need to honor merge signs. Tommy and I were in PA this summer and were amazed to see people actually paying attention to and following the merge requests.