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Questions from a beginning blogger

Let me start by saying (and since this is my blog, I guess you can’t stop me…) that I did not, and sort of still don’t, plan to actually consider myself a blogger. I really only signed up for an account so I could comment on friends’ blogs. But then Megan suggested I post something, and I thought this was fitting.

Questions from a beginning blogger

1) Who ever decided that every goober with a keypad (Me included, I suppose.) should be able to share their thoughts with a blog?

2) Why are people so fascinated with reading other peoples’ thoughts on myspace/facebook/blogs despite the fact that they rarely, if ever, actually COMMENT on them? What good is it to know what your friends are thinking if you never do anything with it, folks? Communication should go both ways!

3) And most importantly: Why do bloggers think it’s OK to stretch a quick little anecdote into a 12-page autobiography? Is there some minimum word count that I’m yet unaware of? Am I going to be marked down if this post is too short???


Megan Dorris said…
1) Mr. Blog.
2) Because.
3) Yes.

Miranda said…
Thanks for the wise insights, blogging expert Megan. My follow up is as follows.
1) I want to meet him.
2) That doesn't count; it's only a 1/2 step higher than the people who don't comment at all. Maybe 1/3 of a step higher.
3) See #2. :)

But seriously, thanks.
Tranquility said…
You are too funny! ;)

1) Why shouldn't we all have a voice? We have opinions and ideas, so why not share them - or at the very least, track them for ourselves.
For some, a blog is nothing more than a diary that has been made public, or it might be a place to vent frustrations and gain perspective over the things in our lives that seem out of control. It might be a place to voice the same things that we say out loud everyday - the things that no one seems willing to hear. For others, it's a way to stay in touch with family and friends (because no matter how much we might try, sometimes our lives become too busy to allow for us to make those much needed phone calls or visits). * For me, it's all three - and as an added bonus (with as many moves as Mike and I have made in the last decade) it's also become a place to meet new friends - the kind that I can take with me, no matter how far away I move.

2) There is only so much time in the day. I like to know that my friends and family are happy - to hear or read about the events that are taking place in their lives, but sometimes it's just not possible to leave a comment for everyone and sometimes... there is simply nothing worth being said. You are right, communication should go both ways, however, I would prefer that someone communicate with me when they have something sincere to say, rather than just leaving pointless messages because they feel like they have to say 'something'.

3) It's that individual's space to say whatever they feel needs saying. Sometimes it's the only place a person can go to really get it all out of their system (or in some cases, people just have no idea how to express themselves, so they run on and on in circles... like me ;). You can go along for the ride, or you can click on another page and entertain yourself elsewhere - that's the beauty of blogging!

Hmm... I don't think beginners get marks taken off for not reaching the word minimum, but you might want to work on that for future posts. ;)
Miranda said…
Eve, I love your answers! ;)

Especially the fact that you exceeded the word count of my original post! Guess I really do need to work on that. Thanks for the advice.
Theresa said…
"We read to know that we're not alone"
I believe we write so that we may be heard.
Besides, otherwise we'd have to wait until someone
else recognizes our brillance to be published... and then
wait for people to buy our work- who's patient enough for that?!?
Theresa, I just re-read your comments. Poignant and amusing. Thanks for making me smile.